Sunday, 6 October 2019

Fasting : To do or not to

Why do we fast and none other species fasts ?

Eating is the primary objective of all species in this universe
It is a survival tool
Every species eats other species partly or wholly to survive
That’s the truth, bitter or better

Only one species doesn’t eat other species and lives on non living vibration and creates living environment for all species and that are plants and vegetation.
They consume chemicals, natural or man made and convert them into living energy matter and this matter goes up the food chain through all bodies, like tiger doesn’t eat grass but eats the deer which in turn eats grass

Eating consumes almost 90% of the activities of any living being, which means 90% of the life cycle of any species is spent on either eating or finding what to eat. The remaining energy is spent on reproduction and in between is rest.

This also means that while any species is finding food that species is hungry and famished
A state similar to fasting

Except human beings all other species have a permanent stage of fasting and small phase of eating
A lion hunts once in 3-4 days

None of the species have a curriculum like 3 meals a day and evening tea and in between snacks

On the other hand human being also spend most of their time eating but the difference is, since food is easily available we spend most time eating.

We are in a permanent state of stomach full

Now imagine a car
We start the car , go to office and then leave the car for 6-8 hours to rest and then back to home and then again 6-8 hours of rest
The engine is maintained well

What about a taxi which runs 12 hours a day
The failure of its engine is guaranteed

Our digestive system is not made for 12 hours of munching every day
Hence we have all sorts of health problems and obesity

In ancient times if the learned ones told the masses this definition no one would have understood and would not have abided by it

So they gave a religious touch

Like in workshops we have maintenance week similarly we have Navratri , mangalwar , somvar, Ekadasi , Roza etc fasting

Now let me share with you another secret of fasting

The moment you fast, body knows there is no food coming, it slows down its metabolism and starts conserving energy
It goes into energy saving mode

At this time whatever we focus on  gets our full attention and we are able to manifest better and faster.

Now we know why it is said
If you want to achieve this keep 16 Friday fast or Tuesday fasting etc
We also should watch our thoughts since our thoughts also consume energy. Negative thoughts drain us and positive thoughts energise us. Hence if we do pooja , prayer , namaz during fasting we are bound to be positive and our manifestation becomes strong.
Fruits are recommended during fasting to give you enough energy without overloading your digestive systems
Fruits are great toxic cleaners as well

So if we want to have good health
Eat less , stay hungry
Then we won’t need to fast

Body will always be active

If we eat less we can solve another problem as well

Compensate for food shortage so  that many who sleep hungry can eat. They are in a permanent state of fasting and that is also bad

Eat less , eat good , stay healthy

We have come here not to eat
We have come here to experience the creation and co-create with the universe. Eating is just a survival tool.

By the way I am a great foodie and I enjoy eating
But enjoying eating doesn’t mean gorging on food.

Teach your children to eat less and enjoy more

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Spirituality Simplified

The prime requirement for any conversation is, there should be a speaker and a listener ..
If that's so how do we talk to ourselves..

Who is the talker and the listener ? 

All our self talks are between ego ( ego only rides on the body .. a dead man has no ego ..) and the spirit ( or soul whatever we may say .. a dead man will still have a soul .. it is said that even when body dies the soul still hasn't left the body .. stopping of breath and heart beat is just a start not the end .. ).

Just analyze a typical self talk ..
You see an accident victim .. 
Spirit guides : Go help him 
Ego says : I want to but don't want to mess with police 
Spirit: But that person needs your help 
Ego : There are so many there, somebody will help , why should I get entangled? Anyways I am getting late for office ! 

And ego won.. but the conscience is suffering.. all along the journey the conscience (or the soul experience) will keep pinching you .. till the time either you bow down to the soul calling ( soul calling is a very widely used misunderstood word. The soul always calls us .. we don't listen to it because of fear and lack of faith ) or we shut up the soul guidance  forever.

Now watch the self talk of a hardened criminal 

He gets a contract to kill a person, he goes there and shoots him. 
No self talk .. because whenever the soul wanted to guide him he won the argument by giving logics and one day soul stopped guiding him. 
Now please don't mistake here that the soul stops guiding anyone. The soul always guides the ego.. only difference here is there is so much other noises around the body that the ego is unable to hear the soul. 

That's why it is said 
Spend some time with yourself and you would find a amazing person ..

Hence being spiritual is not making others happy , giving service to others , helping others , or going to Temple , Church , Gurudwara or Mosque , it is non of these. They are the karma's of our body. As long as body is there we can perform these task. Try doing all the above without a body.

Being spiritual is not an outside process. It is an internal process. 

In simple words the more we start listening to our Soul and the more we develop faith in what our Soul guides us, the more we will come closer to our Soul. And the love affair with our Soul will start. 
The best soulmate of ours is we ourselves. 

The day we will actually merge with our Soul .. all self talk stops .. and we attain permanent moksha ..

Because if we do what our body/ego wants , that will develop karma and all karma needs to be countered hence we take rebirth.

But if we do what our Soul says it brings no karma effect, and we reduce our karmic baggage to the minimum and one day when we have 0 karmic baggage we attain permanent bliss.

The journey of human being is to go as closer to our Soul as possible.. that's spirituality.

Do we need a spiritual coach ? 

Yes because we are our bad masters. We need someone outside to discipline us. 

Who is the best guru ? 
Any one who has started this journey and is ahead of you to start with. 
And as you come closer to your soul then the soul takes over ..

Our Soul is our best guru ..

Start your soul search by starting meditation.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Health is wealth .. is it ??

Jo zyada shor machata hey wo sahi hey ..
Or hum log behre ho gaye hey issilye hum uuncha sunte hey ..

Have we noticed that lately we have become very much health conscious.. 
Detox , diet , exercise , yoga , meditation , retreats , programs .. what not ..

Have we really become health conscious ...!!! 

A very big NO..

There is a saying ..

A drunken snake walks straight ... 

Our health conscious persona is actually a cover up for our guilt ..
And nothing else ..

Have we seen any ad of health products..

Ye bhaag daud waali zindagi or thakna mana hey ...

Hey bhagwaan .. to chod do na bhag daud waali zindagi .. 

Nhi chod sakte .. because we have made a mental trap which says more the money .. more successful you are ..

And unfortunately we pass this stress to our next generation...

We have become a consumer oriented society .. 

What's my point here ...

Let me explain with example...

Which is the most important requirement for life ..

Food .. we can live a day without any food .. there are people who can for weeks or months ..

Water .. we can survive a day .. some can even do it more .. 

Air .. we can't survive minutes .. some can may be more but again in minutes only ...

The most important factor in living Air..

And everyone in this universe is equal in terms of Air ..

We exercise .. we breath more , we relax we breath less .. we take in the amount of air required.. we don't get greedy over air ..

Aaj lungs bhar hawa le leta hun ..
Kabhi hua hey aise 

Because the body knows how much is required .. and universe has provided that much for everyone..

The same was for food , land , water and other resources..

Unfortunately we became greedy and started storing .. and that's where all diseases start happening..
Stored water , stored food .. the biggest health challenge.

And over and above .. we eat like insecurities ..
Shaadi hey to daba ke khana hey ..
Kyu Bhai .. Kal nhi milega kya ...

If we treat water , food , money like air .. 
We will never fall sick ..

The mantra to a healthy lifestyle is not "diet" neither "exercise".. 

It is the way we eat 

Eat that much which body tells you and when you are hungry 
Drink that much which body demands 
And earn money that much which is required.. 

Live a healthy lifestyle ..

Out of 186000 species on Earth , only man needs Yoga , meditation , diet plan , detox , rejuvenation programs , gym etc etc ..

Because somewhere we have become so over endowed that we have forgotten to listen to our body .... Listen to our mind and listen to our Soul ...

Note : This post is not to demean Yoga , meditation or any program . I am a big promoter of Yoga and meditation and other practices .. and I follow them whole heartedly.. the whole point is if we don't listen to our body .. all the above is useless 

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Pleasure, Happiness and Joy

Is there any difference between Pleasure , Happiness and Joy ?

On the face value they all look similar with slight difference of experience but when we retrospect then we find that they are world apart.

What is pleasure ? 
It is a feeling of enjoyment felt at body level and body level only. And that is why we seek pleasure. And we always seek something which is outside. 
So anything that titillates our 5 senses gives us pleasure. 

What is happiness ? 
Happiness is a state of mind. We do not necessarily require 5 senses to be happy. We are happy when say things go our way or when we meet someone near or dear to us , when we get good news etc. We don't seek happiness rather we feel happy. It is all to do with our mind. We can choose to be happy even if we hear a bad news. But bad news never gives us pleasure. 

Then what is joy ? 
Joy is never sought. Joy cannot be felt as well. So it has nothing to do with our body or mind. It has its root deep into our soul level. When we attain the state of remaining happy under all conditions we reach the state of being joyful. A joyful person is always energetic irrespective what happens outside. 

Joy is the state of being. 

And the purpose of life is to find how to be in a joyful state forever. Because only in this state we can be the manifestor and co-creator. 

For being joyful we do not require any external agency or senses. It is felt with our 6th Sense. 

How to graduate from pleasure to state of being joyful ? 

We can't have the cake and eat it too.

So first thing is to detach ourselves from seeking pleasure. The biggest challenge today as to why we have bad finances , bad health , bad relationship and lack abundance is because we have indulged ourselves to only seeking pleasure.

The day we detach ourselves from seeking pleasure we will find ways to be happy , and when we train ourselves to be happy everytime , we will graduate to being joyful everytime. And that's when we learn the art of unconditional love. 

Someone asked me can we ever be joyful to meet someone ..

Well if you are seeking pleasure you will be pleased to say meet a beautiful girl or handsome man or an influential person.

If you are wanting to be happy you will want to meet your dear friends or family members or your beloved. It's all about emotional connection and state of mind.

And the day you will meet your soul family who have been yours since universe got created , you will automatically feel joyful just like the way a dog reacts on seeing his master after a long time ..

Your body mind and soul will start dancing.. and you experience bliss

Thursday, 11 July 2019

How to deal with anger ?

A question which always comes to my mind is when we say that a man should conquer his 5 senses and should avoid greed , lust , anger , ego , illusion etc then why did God or Universe make these at all. In particular say Anger. If it was so bad why did God create anger at all. 

So I asked many people in my Whatsapp group and I got very interesting answers and some real points to ponder. 

But that does not answer the basic question.

Why God created anger in the first place ? 

Let's introspect.

God created human being with free will. Human being is the only creation which exercises total free will. 
He can do whatever he likes , achieve whatever he wants , enjoy whatever he likes and create whatever he is driven to create. 

That's a good point as well as a bad point.

Good since it gives liberty 
Bad as in it doesn't describe boundaries. 

Anger is a tool which creates boundaries and limits. 

You disturb a sleeping lion he will bear it , you disturb him again he may still bear it, but if you keep on disturbing it there will come a point where he will retaliate. 

Now this retaliation comes from the emotion of anger. If there was no anger it won't retaliate even if you disturb it to ages.

Similarly we keep destroying nature but nature does not react. But if we keep on destroying nature at one point nature will react with anger and retaliate by means of tsunami or earthquake or heavy rains. 

So anger is necessary to create a boundary and discipline.

If that is so why do we say anger is bad ? 

Anger is bad because the way we use anger is wrong. 

Anger is like one of the weapons in a warriors armory. And the rule goes like this 
1) Weapons are used only when necessary. 
2) Weapons are used as per situation demands. We don't use a tank to kill an enemy soldier.
3) Third and most important, weapon is a tool but the warrior doesn't become the weapon. What does that mean? Anger is only a tool and we discard the tool after use. We don't sleep with the tool.

After every tsunami nature comes back to its creative phase and does not carry it over. 

So the best way to handle anger is to handle it like a tool. 
Always reprimand the action and not the person and never carry it to bed.

Don't make love with anger 

And only a heart filled with love won't get angry over small issues 

Friday, 21 June 2019

Patience V/s Persistence

A friend of mine pinged me and asked "What is the difference between Patience and Persistence? 
And I said to myself "What a simple question!" 

Patience is a virtue where in a person can wait for anything endlessly having faith that it is going to happen irrespective.

Persistence is a virtue by which a person takes certain action consistently even if he is not getting result or has any chance of getting results.

The answers were very simple but when I introspected deeply I found that it was a Pandora's box. 

I wondered that if both are a virtue then I should develop both the virtues in me. But then if I develop patience then I should take an action and wait patiently for the result to come. Which means no more action. And that is against the so called virtue of persistence which says keep throwing stones till the bulb is broken. 

My friend answered no it's not like that, you take an action , wait for the result to come and if the result doesn't come in a stipulated time then try again and persists till it happens.

I said ahaa .. but who decides till when to observe patience .. and again the moment a thought comes enough is enough I need to try once more , points out that patience is lost and action is required. Catch 22 

So Patience and Persistence cannot live together!!!

Let me give you an analagy..

Wild dogs are said to be the best hunters with maximum hit rate because once the team locates a possible prey it starts chasing it till the prey is exhausted and cannot walk more. Persistence pays and they devour the prey.

At the same time lion is not persistent. It cannot chase a prey till the end. So it waits for the prey to come near to it, and then pounces it. They have been noted to wait for the prey to come to them for hours.
They can lie motionless for hours. 
One more better example is Anaconda which can lie for months in wait of prey. Height of patience. 

So as wise human beings how do we imbibe both the virtues which seem contradictory?

And then I read about ducks and how they swim. If you notice a duck over the water it is calm, composed and swimming effortlessly. But if you see beneath the waters it's feet's are paddling continuously with great Persistence.

And eureka the solution dawned.

Patience is a thought process and not action oriented. So whenever we are expecting anything we should be calm , composed and have faith that we shall be rewarded one day. It is all about mind game. That way we will never get agitated, whatever the interim results are. Just practice Patience over mind. 

Persistence is action oriented and is related to body. So while our mind is waiting patiently for result to turn into our favor but at the same time our body is restless and keeps on working till the goal is not achieved. 

This is called working with detachment ..

Why most people fail is ..

They do not persist in their actions but at the same time they are impatient in their mind and when results don't come they start blaming the world , God , friend , family , society , country , weather etc etc ..

So the right amalgamation of Patience and Persistence will lead to manifestation of all our dreams... 

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Khudi ko kar buland itna .. Raise your vibration

Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle 
Khuda bande se ye pooche, bata teri razaa kya hey 

Raise your vibrations so high that before writing your fate 
Universe is compelled to ask you , what do you desire .. 

We have been reading about this since childhood but what does it actually mean , or do we really understand and imbibe the meaning.

Let's again understand with an analagy ..

Suppose we are sitting in a room and there is a bad smell emanating from somewhere. We try to search the source but we can't find it. So what do we do ?

There are 2 ways to it 

1 We ignite an essence candle. The candle will first burn itself. And then produce a soothing fragrance. The fragrance will first purify the smell around it's candle and slowly slowly it will spread to larger space until it envelopes the whole room. 
If it is allowed to burn more it might actually spread to other rooms. 

Has the bad smell gone .. a big no.
What has actually happened is the candle created a Universe of soothing smell around it's area with Persistence.

If we take a look at "this" Universe from top we would find the following.

A cloud of bad smell and in between that cloud a small patch which is unaffected by the smell and created a small universe of soothing smell. It is like that lamp which creates a Universe of light around itself in the midst of dark thick jungle. 

Fellow travelers we cannot change the whole universe , it is a humungous task and actually not our job. Our job is to create a small universe for ourselves to experience and all those who want to experience with you... 

"Create your own universe" my next book will give step by step details of how to do it. 

Till then start with writing your dreams and take one step at a time and persist till Universe says ...

Teri Razaa kya hey ... What's in your mind...